We’ve not only pre-built everything, we’ve pre-thought everything.
the prefab bathroom
Garage Bathroom
the prefab bathroom for garage ADUs
the prefab MEPwall for California
the prefab MEPwall
the prefab kitchen
ADA Restroom
the prefab ADA restroom
Powder Room
the prefab powder room
Poolside Bathroom
the prefab poolside bathroom
We deliver it one day. You hook it up the next.
From a fully-equipped, high end kitchen, a luxuriously accessorized bathroom to a MEPwall that connects it all, we’ve left nothing to be done but hook it up. That translates to simpler, faster, more cost-efficient builds. From ADUs to 100 unit apartment buildings.

Simply put, our pre-built rooms come with built-in benefits for contractors, architects, designers, builders and homeowners.
What the heck is a pre-built room? Basically, it’s a pre-planned, pre-assembled room, complete with walls, floors, surfaces, plumbing and electrical. We pre-build it in our factory. We load it onto our truck. We roll it into your space. And all you have to do is hook it up.
“There is no place like home.”
—Dorothy Gale
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