40 years
of building goes into
every prefab.

40 years of building goes into every prefab.

We know building.

For 20 years, we built homes. For another 20 years, we built the materials used to build homes. And that adds up to a thorough understanding of all the ins and outs of the building business.

You name it. We’ve done it.

From planning to permits, drywall to doors. And everything in between. We know what can go right and what can go wrong in the building industry. All that practical day-to-day experience is what gave birth to the idea of dorothyhomes. And the pre-built future of building.

We’ve got what it takes.

We built our reputation by providing value without sacrificing quality or energy efficiency. Our experience in automation and large scale manufacturing enables us to meet the needs of large scale projects across the Southwest. In other words, we’re more than equipped to build products that take building to the next level.

Delivering the future.

We saw the need for faster, more efficient and more cost-effective building. Pre-built rooms are the next generation of the building industry and the prefab world. And we are committed to being the first to bring them to market. And to your building site.

What the heck is a pre-built room? Basically, it’s a pre-planned, pre-assembled room, complete with walls, floors, surfaces, plumbing and electrical. We pre-build it in our factory. We load it onto our truck. We roll it into your space. And all you have to do is hook it up.
“There is no place like home.”
—Dorothy Gale
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