The prefab room.
The why. The what.
And the how.
Why build when you can pre-build?

The answer is simple. Don't just build, let us help you pre-build. The logical steps from point A to point B in building, whether attached or free-standing ADU or an apartment complex, has been done one way and unquestioned for years. But what if there is another way. A more economical, simpler, and faster route from A to B. Ready-to-install rooms. Think taking prefab to the next level. That's pre-built.

What is a prefab room?
What’s the advantage of prefab/modular for the homeowner?
What makes prefab rooms more affordable all around?
What exactly is a prefab MEPwall?
What makes a prefab kitchen the ultimate build?
Why install a prefab bathroom?
What about the design process with prefab rooms?
How soon can I get a prefab room?
What the heck is a pre-built room? Basically, it’s a pre-planned, pre-assembled room, complete with walls, floors, surfaces, plumbing and electrical. We pre-build it in our factory. We load it onto our truck. We roll it into your space. And all you have to do is hook it up.
“There is no place like home.”
—Dorothy Gale
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